Whatever happens on-set is pretty much useless these days without great post-production. We work with some of the best professionals in the industry on our own projects, and you can too. We put a unique team together for your project, sourcing the best people for the job. We can offer top local and international level HOD’s and supervisors, including Oscar and Emmy winning experts and due to our unique relationships and workflow we can facilitate very effective cooperations.
We help coordinate the workflow and schedule in a way that’s comfortable for you and make sure you get the best results and achieve your goals. Depending on your needs we can run workflow entirely or put you in touch with members of the project team directly.


We work with the best CGI and graphics professionals in the region so depending on your project we can offer creative solutions from streamlining your big budget production with the help of our supervisors to developing your VR content to helping find solutions within ongoing projects.

Sound design

We believe that sound is 50% of film and video. We work with the film industry professionals from around the world, their experience ranging from hollywood blockbusters to immersive gaming 3D environments. Whether you need high end dolby or online stereo, we are proud to say that our people in sound are top end. Get in touch to discuss your project.


Animation serves not only as a storytelling format but also as a great method of outlining and explaning complicated concepts for your audience. We can help develope any format of animation from online presentations to promo videos to long form animated series.

Work with us

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Please get in touch with your post-production request and we will help find the best and most cost-effective solution for your project. As we work with and represent a number of companies and specialists in the field we are able to provide a number of solutions for your needs.